Microman Arts X Love Live!

mmlovealiveeriMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1101 Ayase Eri (10 cm)
Release Date Late August 2014
Price: 2981 yen
More info here.
mmlovealivenozomiMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1102 Tojo Nozomi (10 cm)
More info here.
mmlovealivenicoMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1103 Yazawa Nico (10 cm)
More info here.
mmlovealiverinMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1104 Hoshizora Rin (10 cm)
More info here.
mmlovealivemakiMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1105 Nishikino Maki (10 cm)
More info here.
mmlovealivehanayommlovealivemakiMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1106 Koizumi Hanayo (10 cm)
More info here.
mmlovealivehonkaMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1107 Kousaka Honoka (10 cm)
More info here.
mmlovealivekotoriMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1108 Minami Kotori (10 cm)
More info here.
mmlovealiveumiMicroman Arts Love Live! MA1109 Sonoda Umi (10 cm)
More info here.

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